Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher (EverASM™) is an intelligent system that provides high speed and high accuracy shoeprint recognition.

EverASM™ uses automatic coding method for efficient search in crime scene, suspect, reference databases, as well as EverSole™ database, which contains over 42,000 shoeprints.
High recognition accuracy In a database of 50,000 reference shoeprints the recognition accuracy rate is over 80%
Fast search speed Search speed of server query for a single shoeprint: over 400 prints/sec (16 cores, 2.0 GHz)
Shoeprint entry Entry process is simple, ease to execute, and supports various shoeprint images (e.g. photograph, scan, EverOS™, etc.). Shoeprint feature retrieval can be completed within 2 minutes; processing of partial shoeprints is supported
Automated shoeprint search Crime scene and suspect's shoeprints are automatically retrieved from the database; search history is saved automatically
System functionality System provides shoeprint entry, case linking and comparison, shoeprint search, and other functions
Access control Multi-level management access control is used to increase system security